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City of Casey – Street Department Snow Removal Policy

  • Snow removal involves the clearing of approximately twenty-seven miles of city streets.  Initial snow-plowing takes approximately eight hours.  This does not include alleys, public parking, city facilities, the airport, special access needs, etc.  Actual clean-up time will correspond to the amount and type of snowfall.  
  • Snow removal will begin when the snowfall begins to cease.  This avoids ineffective use of manpower, fuel and equipment.
  • Main thoroughfares are the priority in order to provide a means for general traffic to travel to school, work, etc.  These include snow routes such as Central, Main, East Edgar, and Northeast and Southeast Fourth Street, which require more time because of their width.         
  • Every effort is made to avoid piling of snow in front of drives, lanes and access areas; however, some piling of snow in these areas is inevitable.  Snow has to be moved somewhere.  These areas are revisited and attended to as quickly as possible after streets have been cleared.  
  • Vehicles parked along designated snow routes and prohibited parking areas inhibit progress because they necessitate arrangements for vehicle removal. Snow-plowing is interrupted in the meantime. Cooperation of vehicle owners is of vital importance.  
  • Parking in and near alleys hinders access by snow plows, and delays progress.   
  • To salt and sand all city streets takes approximately two hours.  
  • Factors which influence the efficiency of snow removal are equipment breakdowns, the level of cooperation of local traffic in keeping interference with the work to a minimum, the amount of snowfall, and weather conditions such as ice or blowing and drifting snow.  



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